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iZotope Updates Vinyl Plug-In

Many vinyl records get a major overhaul for 20th anniversary re-releases; now the iZotope Vinyl plug-in is getting the same treatment.

iZotope Vinyl Plug-In
iZotope Vinyl Plug-In

Cambridge, MA (December 14, 2020) – iZotope has released an updated version of its iZotope Vinyl plug-in, a free plug that simulates the aural vibe of vinyl records. Notably, the original version was the first product ever offered by the company two decades ago.

Initially released in 2001, iZotope Vinyl now sports a modernized UI to go with the vintage tones of the original. Users can give their production a new, nostalgic character in seconds by applying old-school warmth, age-worn dust, or vintage turntable sounds to their music. The latest version features a Lo-fi effect that allows creators to apply the saturated, worn timbre of late-80’s hip-hop and reproduce the character of second-hand records.

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The plug-in can also provide Mechanical Noise—the amount of turntable motor rumble and noise—as well as Electrical Noise, replicating internally generated electrical noise, such as a 60 Hz grounding hum. Users can adjust factors such as Wear, control how worn out the record is, Dust, the amount of dust on the record; Scratch, the number and depth of scratches on the record; Warp, the amount of warping and the warp shape for the record; and more. The plug-in can be switched between stereo and mono output, and users can additionally adjust the Input and Output Gain with visual level meter feedback.

“Everything old is new again in this latest update of Vinyl,”  said iZotope chief executive officer Mark Ethier.  “As we look back on 20 years of iZotope, Vinyl holds a special place in our hearts as the free plug-in that started it all. To all the Vinyl fans out there, past and present, we’re excited to bring Vinyl back into the future for you.”

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