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JBL 4349 Studio Monitors Debut

The new JBL 4349 studio monitor couples JBL’s D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver with a large-format HDI horn.

JBL 4349 Studio Monitors
The new JBL 4349 studio monitor couples JBL’s D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver with a large-format HDI horn.

Northridge, CA (July 28, 2020)—JBL has introduced its new JBL 4349 Studio Monitor, bringing together a JBL D2415K dual 1.5-inch driver, a large-format, High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn and a 12-inch cast-frame, Pure-pulp woofer cone into a monitor intended for both professional and consumer use

JBL’s HDI horn geometry is intended to provide high-frequency detail, directivity for smooth in-room response, a reportedly neutral frequency response on- and off-axis and be able to transition between the high and low frequency drivers.

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JBL D2415K compression driver features a pair of lightweight, polymer, annular diaphragms with reduced diaphragm mass. The V-shaped geometry of the annular diaphragm is said to reduce breakup modes, eliminate time smear and reduce distortion, according to JBL.

The 12-inch (300 mm) woofer and the 3-inch (75 mm) long-throw voice coil in conjunction with dual opposing spider dampers are designed for getting loud while reducing distortion. A Pure-pulp cone provides a lightweight, rigid diaphragm in an effort to eliminate breakup modes.

High-frequency and Ultra High-frequency attenuator controls on the new JBL 4349 Studio Monitor allow sound to be tailored to the specific environment and listener preference. The controls manage an crossover network design that features air-core inductors, cast wire-wound resistors and low-ESR metallized film capacitors in a multi-cap configuration.

On the outside, the JBL 4349 Studio Monitor sports a traditional JBL monitor design with a blue baffle and is finished in a choice of walnut or black walnut satin wood veneers. A blue (Walnut) or black (Black Walnut) cloth grille completes the appearance. Dual sets of gold-plated binding posts provide a secure connection and offer a choice of single-ended or bi-wire/bi-amplified connections. The enclosure is braced with 1-inch (25mm) thick walls to provide a solid acoustic foundation and incorporates a bass reflex design with dual front-firing, computer-optimized flared ports.

The JBL 4349 Studio Monitor will hit in early September with retail pricing of $7,500/pair.

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