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JBL BRX300 Series Line Array Debuts

JBL’s new line array series offers two-way line array elements, a powered subwoofer and rigging and transport accessories, all connecting in a plug-and-play fashion.

JBL BRX300 Series Line Array
JBL BRX300 Series Line Array

UPDATEJBL Professional has updated its product announcement to note that the BRX300 Series Line Array is specifically only available for the APAC, China and India Markets.

Northridge, CA (June 23, 2020)—JBL Professional has launched its new JBL BRX300 Series of modular line array systems intended for use in small- to mid-size applications, such as bands, DJs, A/V rental firms, houses of worship and the like

The series launches with a variety of offerings—the BRX308-LA line array element, BRX325SP powered subwoofer with DSP, BRX308-ACC transport kit, BRX308-AF array frame and BRX308-PM pole mount and adapter kit, aiming to provide users with a scalable set up that arguably scales down JBL’s venue-sized line arrays to something that bridges the gap between those and a PPA.

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The BRX300 Series can be configured to accommodate a range of live music events, receptions and corporate functions. Systems are available in minimum one-subwoofer/two-top or one-subwoofer/four-top configurations and can be stacked, pole mounted or hung.

The BRX308-LA line array element features dual 8-inch LF drivers and a 3-inch titanium compression driver, reportedly providing 136 dB output and 110° horizontal dispersion, with variable interbox angles for fine-tuning vertical coverage. Meanwhile, the BRX325SP dual 15-inch powered subwoofer extends low-frequency energy to 32 Hz, with built-in 1,000-watt, 6-channel amplification providing 136 dB output and powering up to four BRX308-LA Line Array Elements. Internal DSP handles EQ, filters, driver-protection circuitry and crossover management, while built-in casters simplify transport.

That said, the BRX308-ACC transport kit also provides a self-contained transport system for four BRX308-LA Line Array Elements and includes padded covers for the cart, BRX3255 powered subwoofer and required speaker cables. Along with that, the BRX308-AF array frame supports one BRX325SP powered subwoofer or up to eight BRX308-LA line array elements in flown configuration, while the BRX308-PM pole mount and adapter kit mounts up to two BRX308-LA line array elements.

The JBL BRX300 Series will be available in July, 2020.

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