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KEF Reference Line Expands

The high-end UK speaker brand that straddles the line between high-end installation and pro reference monitoring has updated its KEF Reference line.

Maidstone, UK (January 16, 2020)—KEF has expanded its line of KEF Reference In-Wall, THX-certified ultra custom installation model to accompany its Ci5160REF-THX model.

Intended for high-end integrated AV speaker system installations, the smaller Ci3160REF-THX makes use of the same Reference driver topology as the box designs and utilizes two 6.5” bass drivers and a 6.5” Uni-Q driver array.

By comparison, t/he larger Ci5160REF-THX has four 6.5” bass drivers and 6.5” Uni-Q driver array. Both make use of the same Reference, solid aluminum front baffle, which is intended to eliminate unwanted vibrations. Each In-Wall model can be used in left, right, center, side and rear applications.

KEF America Launches LSX Monitor Accessories

For those with an eye towards aesthetics, the KEF Reference finish selection has also been expanded with a new Silver Satin Walnut finish, and the addition of bespoke Kent Foundry Edition finishes (Blue Ice White and Copper Black) to the Reference 4c and 2c center speakers.

The new Silver Satin Walnut finish utilizes a Silver Satin, tone-on-tone design encompassing the drive units within a solid, brushed aluminum front baffle. Pair-matched Walnut, real wood veneered cabinets compliment the speakers’ overall design. Together the finish selection consists of Piano Black, Silver Satin Walnut, Kent Edition Copper Black and Kent Edition Blue Ice White.

Originally created in 1973, the Reference series has been created from the ground up using KEF’s Total System Design approach, where drive units, filter networks and enclosures are studied and developed together to achieve a targeted response. Each Reference speaker is engineered and crafted from beginning to end by a single KEF Technician in Maidstone, Kent, on the original site where KEF was founded in 1961.