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Avantone Pro Launches Kick Drum Mic

Aiming to help drummers capture the ultra-low end of their sound, Avantone Pro has launched its new Kick sub-frequency kick drum mic.

Avantone Pro's Kick, a sub-frequency kick drum microphone.
Avantone Pro’s Kick, a sub-frequency kick drum microphone.

Tallman, NY (June 1, 2020)—Avantone Pro has introduced Kick, a sub-frequency kick drum microphone that aims to capture the subsonic signature by using a low-frequency driver.

The method of using a rewired speaker or monitor driver to record lows is nothing new, but Avantone Pro’s Kick is intended to do in a tidier, more consistently reproducible format. The kick drum microphone is based around the company’s AV-10 MLF low-frequency replacement driver used in its CLA-10 recreation of “an iconic studio reference monitoring mainstay” (which is to say, the Yamaha NS-10M).

The AV-10 MLF sports a single continuous press-formed cone, and in the Kick’s case, the 18 cm cone acts as a microphone element. The microphone itself is of a moving coil dynamic type, with a 50 Hz to 2 kHz frequency response, 6.3 Ω output impedance and figure-eight pattern, plus a male XLR connector.

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Design-wise, the Kick is placed inside a birch-ply, wooden drum shell encasing that recalls the look and feel of a drumkit, helping it blend into the proceedings whether in the studio or on the road. The double-braced drum stand both keeps the microphone in its optimal placement while keeping aloft the 11.375-inch drum shell protecting the cone and other materials within from the rigors of live work or day-to-day wear and tear of the recording facility.

The Kick is currently available at Avantone Pro US Dealers, running $349.00 USD.

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