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Lab.gruppen Launches FA Series Amplifiers

Lab.gruppen’s new FA Series amplifiers are Energy Star-Certified, compact, simplified amplifiers for commercial installations.

Lab.gruppen FA Series Amplifiers
Lab.gruppen FA Series Amplifiers

Kungsbacka, Sweden (September 17, 2020)—Lab.gruppen has introduced its new FA Series amplifiers—a line of Energy Star-certified amplifiers intended for commercial and industrial applications.

The 2-channel commercial amplifiers are intended for use in commercial environments such as bars, restaurants, corporate environments, retail destinations, hotels and other applications where background music or PA systems are needed. According to the company, the line’s Energy Star-certified design, sporting Direct Drive Technology, conserves energy and reduces ownership costs, and are encouraged for use with Tannoy install loudspeakers such as the CVS and SAT/SUB speaker ranges.

Lab.gruppen Introduces PDX3000 Amplifier

FA Series amplifiers feature analog inputs with gain controls for each channel, and have a GPI remote volume control input using a standard RJ-45 connector and Ethernet cable. They also feature an automatic power ON/OFF based on the input signal—reducing power consumption when a signal is not present—and are convection cooled, eliminating fan noise and making the system silent for sensitive environments.  They are offered in 2x60W, 2x120W and 2x240W, with low impedance as well as 70 and 100 V on every channel.

Various mounting options are possible for the amplifiers, with included brackets for surface mounting and various rack-mounting configurations; a single product and can be housed in a half 19″ rack or full-rack enclosure.

The FA series can incorporate a remote volume control with Lab.gruppen’s CRC-V series of wall control accessories. The CRC-V is equipped with a single volume control knob, with integrated illumination, and an RJ-45 connector for use with any Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables in a single-gang/EU wall enclosure format.

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