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Lectrosonics Unveils New DCHR Digital Receiver

Lectrosonics’ new DCHR miniature digital receiver offers stereo or mono operation from a single RF carrier.

Lectrosonics DCHR Digital Receiver
Lectrosonics DCHR Digital Receiver

Rio Rancho, NM (September 29, 2020)—The DCHR miniature stereo digital receiver is the latest from Lectrosonics—a miniature, portable digital receiver capable of stereo or mono operation from a single RF carrier with Lectrosonics digital transmitters, including the DCHT, M2T, DBu, DHu and DPR.

The unit tunes from 470-614 MHz in the UHF band, covering six Lectrosonics blocks, and matches the tuning ranges of the digital transmitters in the D Squared, DCH and M2 Duet  lines. Compact and lightweight, the DCHR measures 3 x 2.375 x 0.625 inches (76 x 60 x 16 mm) and weighs 9.14 oz. (259 g) with batteries installed.

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Setup involves quick RF scans in SmartTune and using IR sync to send settings to the associated transmitter. Manual tuning can also be done using the RF Scan screen, or by entering the frequency in the tuning screen. Audio outputs on the TA5 locking connector can be selected in the menu as analog or AES3 format. A 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on the top panel can be used to monitor the receiver audio signals. Detachable SMA-mount antennas are included with the DCHR.

AES 256-CTR mode encryption is included, with four different encryption key policies available including Universal (common to all Lectrosonics D2, M2X and DCHX units), Shared (often used for sports coverage), Standard, and Volatile (one-time use key). Optional accessory cables are available for both analog and AES3 connections to associated equipment.

The optional LTBATELIM battery eliminator can be used to power the DCHR with external DC. The optional LRSHOE accessory can be used to mount the receiver on small cameras. A USB jack on the side of the unit can be used to update firmware in the field, using the Lectrosonics Wireless Designer software. The DCHR housing is milled from aluminum alloy then specially plated for scratch and corrosion resistance.

MSRP for the DCHR is: $2,795 and it will become available in the fourth quarter of 2020

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