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Legendary Audio Debuts Gold Channel for Live Vocals

Legendary Audio has introduced its new Gold Channel for performing vocalists

Legendary Audio Gold Channel.
Legendary Audio Gold Channel.

South Padre Island, TX (July 24, 2020)—Boutique pro-audio manufacturer Legendary Audio has introduced its new Gold Channel—essentially a pedal board for performing vocalists that aims to recreate in a live setting the tonality and nuances that come with high-end studio mics and channel strips.

The unit was co-developed by veteran mastering engineer Billy Stull and circuit designer Kevin Burgin, who spent a decade working for Rupert Neve Designs and was instrumental in the creation of the 5088 console.

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Designed to rest on the stage floor in front of the singer and work with any standard dynamic or condenser mic, the Gold Channel’s feature set includes a high-end preamp with a THD plus noise spec of 0.0007% (measured at 1 kHz, -20 dBu input, +30 dB gain). According to Legendary Audio , no transformers are utilized in the preamp stage in order to deliver the clearest sound reproduction, and every circuit has been designed from the ground up—using a carefully chosen combination of the latest state-of-the-art semiconductors along with traditional ones—to create an incredibly pristine and versatile mic preamp.

On the front panel is a “Legendary Microphone Sound” control, which can be blended as desired into the vocal signal path with a rotary dial. The unit also include a proprietary “I.C.E.” (In Case of Emergency) processor that aims to reduce or eliminate distortion in specific frequencies, control sibilance, tame vocal-chord over-modulation and suppress feedback. Legendary suggests that I.C.E. is akin to a frequency-specific dynamic EQ, and variable limiter that can control unwanted or unpleasant vocal tones.

The Gold Channel includes a Hi-Pass Filter to eliminate rumble, plosives, mic handling and stage noise under 110 Hz. A sweepable three-band parametric equalizer allows tonal shaping, while a compressor helps contain dynamics. Two effects loop circuits (HI-Z unbalanced and LO-Z balanced) are controllable via an included dual-button footswitch, allowing the singer to take control of their own effects onstage.

The unit measures 17″ wide x 8.5″ deep x 3″ tall with a sloped control panel and heavy-duty feet for tabletop or stage use, with ample clearance for cable runs below. Rear panel output connections include an XLR for main output, as well 1/4-inch jacks for monitor and headphone outs, while switches for +48V Phantom Power, ground/lift, line/mic level (main output) and a power switch round out the backside controls.

The first production run of the Gold Channel is now complete and has been limited to 30 pieces, which are sold directly from the manufacturer for $4,395.00. An optional flight case is also available.

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