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MaonoCaster Podcast Mixer Rolls Out Via Kickstarter

Intended for entry-level users in search of a podcast/streaming mixer, the MaonoCaster is expected to ship in July.

MaonoCaster Podcast Mixer
MaonoCaster Podcast Mixer

New York, NY (May 21, 2020)—Products funded on Kickstarter are never a sure thing until they arrive on your doorstep, but MaonoCaster—a portable podcast production studio currently scheduled to ship in July—aims to be an intriguing entry-level addition to the burgeoning podcast mixer market. The $129 unit has attracted more than $300,000 in pre-orders on Kickstarter to date.

The MaonoCaster is aimed at entry-level users interested in podcasting, Twitch streaming and so on. The diminutive, aluminum alloy unit—roughly 8.3 x 7 x 2.5 inches—is a four-channel mixer with built-in battery, a handful of on-board effects, sample trigger buttons and more. The unit supports up to four sources at the same time via eight 3.5mm ports (six on the rear and two on the front for real-time monitoring), two phantom-power XLR ports and a single Type-C port that supports pass-through charging and data transfer. The unit does not support USB mics.

The internal 5000mah battery is expected to support eight hours of non-stop use, and is charged via the Type-C port and takes roughly six hours to charge.

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The unit sports four vocal effect preset buttons (‘baby,’ ‘male, ‘female,’ ‘robot’), four sound effect preset pads  (stinger, cheering, clapping, suspense), a censorship beep button, and three programmable pads for users to upload their own sound effects or jingles to using a MaonoCaster PC app. No Macintosh or smartphone version of the app is available.

Also in the effects area are buttons for side chain, which music-ducking beneath mic inputs, and music-only, which provides a karaoke-like effect on audio passing through the mixer. The unit also features a selection of on-board reverb effects—Studio, KTV, Church, Hall, Valley and Room.

On Kickstarter through June 25, the MaonoCaster had an initial fundraising goal of $5,000, which it blew past within a few hours of launching.

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