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Meyer Sound Launches Ultra-X20 and USW-112P at ISE

The Ultra-X20 and USW-112P Subwoofer—a pair of new, compact, self-powered loudspeakers from Meyer Sound—are debuting this week at ISE.

Amsterdam, Holland (February 12, 2020)—At this year’s ISE Show in Amsterdam, Meyer Sound is introducing its new Ultra-X20 Compact Point Source Loudspeaker and USW-112P Subwoofer.

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The Ultra-X20 is a junior-sized version of the Ultra-X40 loudspeaker introduced at last year’s ISE show. Based around the same design principles and technologies, it employs two 5” cone driver drivers in a lighter and more compact package that the company reports is 30% smaller and 7% lighter than a standard UPJunior loudspeaker. There’s also a 2” diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable 110°x 50° horn in a coaxial configuration. Power comes from a three-channel Class D amplifier with DSP. The cabinet itself measures 7.5” wide by 19.04” high by 8.6” deep and weighs 26 pounds. According to Meyer Sound, the Ultra-X20 has an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, phase response of ±45° (100 Hz – 16 kHz) and linear peak SPL of 123.5 dB measured with M-Noise.

Three different connector panel options are available for the X20—two AC powered versions each have looping Powercon connectors with choice of 3-pin XLR for audio or 5-pin XLR for audio and RMS remote monitoring. Another version is offered for integration in IntelligentDC systems (audio and remote DC powering on a single cable) with a 5-pin Phoenix connector.Two additional variants are offered, identical except for the patterns of the rotatable horn: Ultra-X22 (80°x 50°) and Ultra-X23 (110°x 110°).

A variety of mounting options are available, allowing the loudspeaker to be pole, wall, ceiling or yoke mounted, or hung with a single point hang.

Meanwhile, the new USW-112P compact subwoofer is a self-powered package measuring under 12” deep. The slanted connector panel allows placement flush to walls, in vertical or horizontal orientation, making the USW-112P a possibility for tight spaces.

The USW-112P houses a single 12” long-excursion driver along with a class D amplifier and digital signal processing. The cabinet design features a low velocity port, based on the USW-210P, with tuning designed for linear response and low distortion. Preliminary performance specifications include a linear peak output (measured with M-Noise signal) of 123 dB SPL across an operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 140 Hz. Phase response measures ±30° from 45 Hz to 120 Hz.

The USW-112P subwoofer measures 23.50” high by 13.50” wide x 11.95” deep. Weight is 47 pounds.

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