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Millennia Media Launches HV‐316 Mic Preamp

Millennia Media has introduced its new fully remote‐controllable microphone preamplifier, the HV‐316.

Millennia Media HV‐316 Mic Preamp
Millennia Media HV‐316 Mic Preamp

Sierra Nevada, CA (September 9, 2020)—Millennia Media has introduced its new fully remote‐controllable microphone preamplifier, the HV‐316. The unit is intended for a variety of applications and locations, including live touring racks, scoring stages, remote recording trucks, studio complexes, sampler houses, hot‐rack installs, concert halls, outdoor facilities, schools and networked music venues, as well as applications like environmental recording, as it offers 12V batter operation.

The HV‐316 is housed in a 10 lbs. 1U aluminum chassis housing 16 channels of Millennia HV‐3 microphone preamplifiers with simultaneous analog and Dante 32‐bit / 192 kHz Ethernet outputs. Other digital‐audio output options are planned, including USB and MADI.

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The unit is designed for high‐temperature continuous operation (65°C / 150°F), is powered by both 12 VDC and worldwide 80‐264 VAC, and features ‘pi filter’ shielding on audio and digital feeds to prevent interference.

Millennia remote mic preamps can operate together on a single Ethernet network, providing up to 256 redundant audio channels and allowing users to remotely control Gain, Polarity, Pad, Mute, channel Linking, high‐pass filter, selectable true‐DC Ribbon or Phantom paths on every channel. The unit employs integrated, new generation AKM 192 kHz A‐D converters and more, providing reported a +34 dBu input headroom / 130 dB dynamic range.

The HV‐316 will ship in October with an introductory price of $5,300 for 16 channels, or $3,500 for a short-loaded eight-channel unit. An optional analog output board will also be available for $745 (8 ch).

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