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miniDSP Launches ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB Microphone

The microphone is intended to let AR/VR developers, musicians, podcasters, videographers, and vloggers record immersive audio.

miniDSP ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB Microphone
miniDSP ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB Microphone

Hong Kong (August 13, 2020)— Hong Kong-based miniDSP has launched its ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB microphone, intended for content creators such as podcasters, AR/VR developers, musicians, videographers and vloggers who want to record immersive audio.

Working with 3D audio software from Swedish sound company Dirac, the ambiMIK-1 plugs directly into a standard USB port to capture 360-degree sound for a variety of applications, from recording music to producing augmented/virtual reality content. No sound card, external preamp, or XLR cables are required. The bundled Dirac 3D audio software—custom designed for the ambiMIK-1 microphone—converts captured 3D sound into binaural audio for immersive listening through standard headphones or VR headsets.

Dirac Moves into Control Room Correction

Ambisonic microphones include multiple capsules for capturing sound from different directions. The ambiMIK-1 comes with four 14-millimeter, low-noise cardioid capsules, along with built-in analog-to-digital converters, an embedded preamplifier, and USB processor in a lightweight aluminum body. It is capable of recording 32-bit, multichannel audio at sample rates up to 192 kHz.

miniDSP collaborated with Dirac on the custom virtual studio technology/audio unit (VST/AU) software plug-in needed for editing and processing in Windows- and Mac-based digital audio workstations. For each of the amiMIK-1’s four capsules, Dirac measured microphone response in 300 directions (1,200 total measurements) to develop the custom filters required for turning raw microphone recordings into 3D audio. The amibMIK-1 with Dirac can output audio in Ambisonic B-format, for post-processing into VR applications, or binaural format, for listening to spatial sound with headphones.

With the ambiMIK-1 and its native support for binaural output, podcasters can record interviews with groups and, when played back, voices will sound like they’re coming from different positions in space for a more realistic-sounding conversation. Similarly, musicians can create immersive recordings of performances that can then be experienced by fans through any headphones.

The ambiMIK-1 microphone ($349) comes with a license for the Dirac VST/AU plug-in, a shielded USB cable, a mini tripod and windscreen.

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