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Neutrik Debuts NPS-30W PoE Injector

The new Neutrik NPS-30W Power over Ethernet Injector is aimed at ensuring power for Dante network devices.

Neutrik NPS-30W PoE Injector
Neutrik NPS-30W PoE Injector

Charlotte, NC (July 7, 2020)—Neutrik USA has announced its new Neutrik NPS-30W PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector. Designed to survive on-stage use, the injector features a lockable powerCON TRUE1 TOP power connector and etherCON network connectors.

Neutrik USA Unveils NA2-IO-DPRO Interface

The injector, a power sourcing equipment (PSE) device, is intended for use with network devices that require a lockable PoE supply, such as Neutrik’s own NA2-IO-DPRO and NA2-IO-DLINE Dante interfaces. Accordingly, the NPS-30W acts like a typical power supply, requiring no power negotiation with attached powered devices. The NPS-30W’s 48 V DC, 30 W power output enables it to provide power simultaneously to, for example, up to four NA2-IO-DPROs in daisy-chain mode. The NPS-30W’s data rate is 1 Gbps.

The NPS-30W PoE injector ships with a rubber cover for throwdown applications, but can also be mounted into racks, trusses, podiums and tables.

The Neutrik NPS-30W PoE Injector is expected to be available Q3, 2020; pricing has not been announced yet.

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