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Ocean Way Audio Unveils HR5 Studio Monitor

Ocean Way Audio’s new HR5 reference monitor system offers 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion.

Los Angeles, CA (January 29, 2020) — Ocean Way Audio has introduced its new HR5 reference monitor system. Intended to provide listeners with a massive sweet spot, the HR5 is purported to offer 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion with the aim of ensuring everyone in the room will hear the same balance and tonal qualities.

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The Ocean Way HR5 utilizes patented twin constant directivity HF and low-band horns with “exceptional” driving elements, says the company. The HF and low-band horns are milled out of solid blocks of wood and are said to be completely non-resonant. The aim there is to provide greater efficiency in their respective bands as compared to conventional direct radiators; since the HR5 requires less power than conventional direct radiating components, this is said to translate into very low distortion even at high volume levels.

The high frequency driving element utilizes a 1-inch silk dome with aluminum voice coil in a magnetic structure that has no phasing plug. With 1 watt in at 1K, the HF section produces 104 dB at one meter. The HF section is driven by a separate 90-watt amp.

Ocean Way Audio expects to soon release a companion subwoofer, transforming the HR5s into a 3-way monitor system and reportedly extending the bass response to 25 Hz.

The HR5 lists at $1,399.50 each or $2,799 a pair.

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