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Outline Ships Stadia 28 Line Array System

Outline has shipped its new Stadia 28 constant curvature array designed for outdoor applications.

Outline Stadia 28 Line Array System
Outline Stadia 28 Line Array System

Brescia, Italy (September 14, 2020)—Outline has shipped its new Stadia 28 constant curvature array designed for outdoor applications. The new system was originally launched during the 2020 edition of ISE.

Stadia 28 is a medium-throw system intended for use in permanent outdoor installations, providing sound reinforcement in stadiums, theme parks, leisure facilities, tourist attractions and public spaces.

A single enclosure weighs 46.2 lbs. and can reportedly reach 139 dB SPL due to the presence of two 8” mid-woofers and a compression driver with a 3” diaphragm, all in neodymium. The system operates in bi-amp format.

New Clark City Stadium Outfitted with Outline Stadia

Each enclosure’s dispersion angle in 90 x 22.5 degrees, allowing horizontal or vertical arrays to create coverage patterns of 135° x 90° with half a dozen cabinets. The boxes include 10 mounting points in anodized ‘Ergal,’ fixed to the internal load-bearing structure, manufactured entirely in stainless steel. The enclosures also have an IP55 protection rating due to a three-layer coating in elastoplastic material.

Outline’s senior loudspeaker system designer Francesco Simeoni noted in a statement, “The lines of the cabinet, combined with the waveguide designed and optimized specifically for this type of application thanks to the use of simulation software of the finished elements, enable to create real ‘sectors’ of acoustic projection that can be configured with extreme flexibility, thus meeting the coverage requirements of any kind of venue.

“Particular effort was taken with the design of the cabinets (with material such as Ergal, stainless steel, compound polyurea coating, anti-UV treatment, lines and outlets for the run-off of water and many other construction details) and with the choice of the components, focussed on the water/weather-proof characteristics to ensure the system remains fully operational through time and in any situation, even under severe conditions. In the majority of standard applications, the internal mechanical load-bearing structure enables the installation of arrays without any expensive complex external mechanical structures being required.”

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