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Radial Engineering Ships HDI Box

Radial’s flagship HDI is a studio-grade direct box and preamp intended for use in studio recording or live touring applications.

Radial’s flagship HDI direct box.
Radial’s flagship HDI direct box.

Vancouver, Canada (May 5, 2020)—Radial Engineering has shipped its new Radial HDI direct box and preamp intended for studio recording or live touring applications.

The HDI offers a variety of features, primary among them being its Color control, which allows blending of the signal from ultra-clean operation on one side to amp-like distortion and warm transformer saturation on the other. Also onboard are Level and Presence controls, each featuring extra-large chrome knobs for precise adjustment. The Level control allows the HDI to accommodate a variety of input sources, while also providing the means to drive the internal circuitry harder for more exaggerated coloration. The Presence control provides an emphasis on the high and high-mid frequencies, useful, for instance, if needing a signal to cut through a mix.

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Aside from the three main controls, the Radial HDI also includes a Hi-Z switch that approximates the Hi and Lo inputs on a vintage amplifier, and a single-control Opto compressor which allows for peak reduction of the input signal. A 3-position high-pass filter can be used to roll off low end created when pushing the HDI into distortion, and a ground lift switch helps eliminate hum and buzz.

Inputs for the HDI are provided on front and rear panel ¼” jacks along with a Thru connection for an amplifier. A 3.5 mm mono Synth Input is included for connection to modular synthesizers. Transformer-isolated mic and line-level XLR outputs are provided for direct connection to mic preamps and recording interfaces, along with a ¼-inch Processed Output for feeding the affected signal to a guitar amp or instrument effects units.

The HDI features a ¼” milled gunmetal-anodized faceplate, ships with an included rack mounting kit for installation in a 2RU rack space, and can be mounted side-by-side with a second HDI for stereo applications.

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