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Røde Launches Vlogger Kit Range

As the number of podcasters bringing a visual component to their offerings rises, Røde Microphones launches a pro series of Vlogger kits.

Rode Vlogging Kit
As the number of podcasters bringing a visual side to their offerings rises, Røde launches a series of Vlogger kits.

Sydney, Australia (November 25, 2020)—Røde Microphones has introduced a series of three Røde Vlogger Kits, centered around a Røde VideoMic, tripod, phone grip, LED light and accessories.

Intended to be an all-in-one mobile filmmaking kit, the range caters to every type of smartphone, with options for iPhone, which includes a Røde VideoMic Me-L with a Lightning connector, and Android devices, which features the new Røde VideoMic Me-C with a USB-C connector. There is also a Universal Edition, which includes a Røde VideoMicro for use with smartphones that feature a 3.5mm input, such as older iPhones and Android models. This can also be used with Lightning and USB-C equipped smartphones using a certified adaptor.

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In addition to these compact microphones, each Kit includes the new Røde Tripod 2, a three-position tripod with a gimbal head, the new Røde SmartGrip, a lightweight all-metal mount with rubberised grips, and the new Røde MicroLED on-camera light, which slots onto the SmartGrip.

Røde’s history as a microphone manufacturer informs its vlogging kits, as the key feature is a Røde VideoMic directional microphone, intended to reduce background noise while focusing on what they are pointed at, ensuring audio is clean and intelligible. They include a furry windshield for filming outdoors.

The Tripod 2 supports both handheld and tabletop use and its gimbal head allows for flexible positioning. The MicroLED and its diffuser and eight coloured filters ensure vloggers can adapt to any recording environment, with over four hours of operation available on a single charge.

The Kits are currently shipping worldwide and will be available in-store in the coming weeks.

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