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Røde Updates Wireless Mic System with Wireless Go II

Røde has updated its wireless mic system aimed at content creators with the release of its new Wireless Go II.

Rode Wireless Go II
Røde Wireless Go II

New York, NY (February 24, 2021)—Røde has updated its wireless mic system aimed at content creators with the release of its new Wireless Go II. Retaining the form factor of the original Wireless Go first released in 2019, the new edition offers additional features such as dual-channel recording; expanded compatibility with devices and camera; improved transmission; and onboard recording.

The Wireless Go II is now a dual-channel wireless microphone system, allowing users to record two sound sources simultaneously or use it as a single-channel wireless microphone. Hand-in-hand with that is the new addition of on-board recording capability, as the Wireless Go II unit can record more than 24 hours of audio direct to each transmitter, in effect creating a backup failsafe against dropouts and other audio issues.

Dropouts are less likely to occur, according to Røde, as the new edition sports all-new Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption. This delivers an extended range of up to 200 m (line of sight) and is said to be optimized for stable operation in dense RF environments. Running on built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the units get up to 7 hours of battery life and feature a power saver mode.

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Of course, being able to get clearer reception doesn’t mean much if the wireless mic system isn’t compatible with the device you’re recording on—and that, too, is less likely to happen with the updated system. The new units feature a 3.5 mm analog TRS output, USB-C and iOS digital audio output, thus making the Wireless Go II far more compatible with the variety of cameras, mobile devices and computers it may be teamed with for recording.

The units also include the ability to switch between mono or stereo recording modes, allowing users to record each channel separately or combine them as needed in post-production. There’s also a new gain control—a three-stage pad, but expandable to a 10-stage pad—and a safety channel that records a second channel at -20dB as a backup in case the main channel distorts. All of these features and functions can be controlled remotely via the RØDE Central app. The Wireless GO II is the first Røde product to use the app, with the VideoMic NTG, AI-1 and others to be integrated in future.

The Røde Wireless Go II is available now and runs $299.

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