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Roland Launches VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio

The new MV-1 production tool brings together vintage Roland instruments and rhythm sounds with effects and mixing tools.

Roland VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio
Roland VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio

Los Angeles, CA (January 11, 2021) — The Roland VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio is a new composition tool based around a portable, all-in-one design that offers vocal recording, 16 velocity-sensitive pads and Roland’s 16-step TR-REC rhythm sequencer.

The MV-1 contains a ZEN-Core sound engine with a sizable library of instrument and rhythm sounds already onboard, while future integration with Roland’s Zenbeats music creation app will allow users to connect the unit to a computer or mobile device.

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VERSELAB provides users with templates, pattern generators and a guided workflow that moves through the process of making tracks. Users can record vocals via the built-in mic or an external XLR mic and add various effects, from auto-pitch to harmonizers. The ZEN-Core engine provides the sounds of classic Roland instruments and further curated sounds, while the TR-REC sequencer and 4×4 pads provide an interface for building drum tracks, bass lines, and melodic parts.

VERSELAB also includes pro mixing and mastering effects to help users polish tracks ready for distribution.

The VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio will be available in January 2021 for $699.99.

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