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Royer Labs Debuts EMT 140 Replacement Magnet Assembly

Royer Labs Custom Shop will release products outside of the company’s regular pro-audio offerings, starting with the EMT 140 Replacement Magnet Assembly.

Burbank, CA (December 9, 2019) — Royer Labs has developed a new EMT 140 replacement magnet assembly for the legendary plate reverb.

First introduced in 1957, the original roughly 600 lbs. Elektromesstechnik (EMT) 140 Reverberation Unit quickly gained popularity as it provided an alternative to spring reverbs, was more space conscious than a reverb chamber and offered engineers a modicum of control over reverb times thanks to an adjustable damping pad system.

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With the original EMT 140s getting on in age, the new replacement magnet assembly is designed to replace missing or weak magnet assemblies for the units. The Royer 140-NM is manufactured using six neodymium magnets arranged in a ‘turret’ fashion. This design approach, according to president Rick Perrotta, results greater flux density for enhanced performance of an EMT plate, as well as lower distortion and a more responsive drive coil.

Designed by Perrotta in partnership with Advanced Theoretical Concepts, the Royer 140-NM package includes an acrylic centering disc, mounting hardware and a set of instructions, along with suggested tips to help audio engineers get the most from an EMT 140.

Perrotta noted, “We spent a lot of time making sure our design was not only going to serve as a replacement for the original magnet assembly, but offer improved performance as well. I’m very proud of this accomplishment.”

The 140-NM is the first product available in Royer’s Custom Shop, which was created to release products designed by Rick Perrotta and/or David Royer that fall outside of Royer’s regular pro-audio offerings. Custom Shop products can be purchased from Royer’s online Custom Shop web page.

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The Royer Labs 140-NM EMT Reverb Plate Replacement Magnet Assembly has an MSRP of $799.

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