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Scope Labs Raises New Periscope Microphone

Scope Labs’ debut product is the Periscope Microphone, an omni-condenser recording mic that features a built-in compressor.

Scope Labs' Periscope
Marco Melander

Helsinki, Finland (November 17, 2020)—Scope Labs, a new pro-audio manufacturer based in Finland and operating globally, has introduced its first microphone, the Periscope Microphone — an omni- condenser microphone with a built-in compressor that gives the mic a unique character.

The Periscope is based around an omni capsule followed by a compression circuit intended to highlight textural nuances that the mic captures, with the aim of providing a hyper-realistic sound. The Periscope is manufactured in-house at Scope Labs Ltd. in Finland.

Scope Labs Periscope Microphone
Scope Labs Periscope Microphone

Mattia Sartori, co-founder of Scope Labs, noted, “For years, microphone manufacturers have been looking for the most pristine sound, we have our mic lockers full of supposed-to-be-perfect pieces. They can tell us exactly how an instrument sounds, but often they cannot capture the vibe, they cannot tell us the story behind it. That’s why we need new unique tools with character and that’s exactly what the Periscope delivers.”

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Paavo Kurkela, co-founder of Scope Labs, stated, “Our mic is not a clone. It’s a brand-new design developed from the ground up, taking inspiration from tools and techniques that have been used for decades, but that are only now available in a sleek and simple plug-n-play form. Just hook up the mic in front of the source, switch phantom power on and you’re all set…. The obvious question for many is why would you compress or distort a microphone? Because we can, it’s unconventional, and it sounds super cool.”

Beta testers for the Periscope Microphone have included electronic music pioneers Chemical Brothers,   producer   Butch   Vig (Nirvana, Garbage, Foo Fighters), engineer Ricky Damian (Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga) and others. Vig noted, “When I’m looking for character and color, The Periscope is my new go-to microphone…. If you’re looking for instant vibe, the Periscope rocks.

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