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Shure Debuts DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone

Taking cues from its TwinPlex lavalier mics, Shure has introduced the DuraPlex microphone.

Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone
Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone

Chicago, IL (October 22, 2020) — The Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone is a 5 mm subminiature omnidirectional lavalier and headset mic—the company’s first to receive an IP57 dust-resistant, waterproof certification rating. It features the same cable durability of the company’s flagship TwinPlex microphone.

Aimed at applications including house of worship, theatrical and television production, DuraPlex consists of the DL4 omnidirectional waterproof lavalier microphone and the DH5 omnidirectional waterproof headset microphone. The microphone is available in four colors—black, cocoa, tan, white—and in two connector types: TA4F (mTQG) and LEMO. The microphone is intended to capture a neutral sound quality, but comes with a Presence Cap for tailored frequency response, providing additional vocal clarity and presence (3–4 dB boost near 10 kHz).

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The 1.6 mm Shure Plex cable, introduced last year with the TwinPlex subminiature microphone, sports a dual redundant ground that doubles as a secondary shield. The cable is fully paintable with typical theater paints, pens and polishes.

DuraPlex comes complete with accessories needed to support simplified usability, such as a carrying case, snap-fit and foam windscreens, single tie clip, and the presence cap. The DL4 also comes packaged with a sticky mount. DuraPlex DH5 Headsets come in multiple colors (Tan, Cocoa, Black) with a brushed steel frame for placement.

The DH5 headset’s pricing starts at $399, while DL4 lavaliers are available starting at $299.

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