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Shure Launches Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver

Shure has introduced its new Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver, a dual-channel, portable wireless slot receiver.

Shure Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver
Shure Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver

London, UK (June 14, 2021)—Shure has introduced its new Axient Digital ADX5D Portable Receiver, expanding its flagship digital wireless line with a dual-channel, portable wireless slot receiver—a new portable form factor that makes the line more applicable to film and TV production.

While to date the Axient Digital line has been primarily used onstage in event and tour production, the new ADX5D is intended for use in sports/events broadcasting, electronic news gathering (ENG), film/episodic television, and electronic field production (EFP)—all of which rely on location sound.

The ADX5D uses true digital diversity technology, aiming to prevent signal fades and dropouts, while offering AES-256 encryption and 2 ms latency from the mic transducer to the analog output. A wide tuning band ensures reliable operation in any environment.

Shure Updates SLX-D Digital Wireless System

The ADX5D’s form factor is intended to make it an on-the-go wireless receiver, allowing it to slot inside and connect directly to the audio inputs of a professional broadcast camera. The portability is also intended to aid film and TV sound mixers who often have discrete powering, audio-routing, and/or RF-distributing gear in their portable recording bags.

ADX5D incorporates Shure’s ShowLink technology, which allows for real-time control of transmitter parameters, interference detection and avoidance. Intended for remote, hybrid, or on-location sound environments, ShowLink aids use of back-up frequencies, provides remote control directly to linked transmitters and is compatible with Shure’s Wireless Workbench software.

“The ADX5D Portable Receiver is an incredible tool to have at my disposal while on set,” said Jon Ailetcher, CAS, Production Sound Mixer on Chicago PD. “We move very fast on our show, and with ADX5D, I can easily transition from my cart to my bag, whether we’re on location or in the studio, without affecting my workflow.”

ADX5D is shipping globally this summer.

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