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SSL Reveals Easter Egg Hidden in Fusion

Solid State Logic has revealed an Easter Egg—a “new” capability that has been hidden inside every Fusion outboard processor for the last two years.

Solid State Logic Fusion
Solid State Logic Fusion

New York, NY (October 13, 2020)—Secret “Easter Eggs” have been a staple of pop culture for decades, rewarding those with an eye for minutiae with cool surprises, like hidden features or modes in games, cameos or in-jokes in the background of movies, and more. Now Solid State Logic has revealed its own Easter Egg—a “new” capability hidden inside every Fusion unit since the outboard processor was launched two years ago at the AES Show.

Intended for use in tracking, mixing and mastering, Fusion shipped with five “colors” to help users add tonal character, weight and space to stereo stems using real analog circuits. Now it turns out there’s a sixth color hidden in there—a full-band LMC processor with wet/dry control.


Push and hold the HF Compressor button.
Fusion’s HF Compressor button.

Push and hold the HF Compressor button on Fusion’s front panel for five seconds. This will unlock “full band LMC mode.” When in LMC mode, the X-OVER knob turns into a ‘Wet/Dry’ control, providing LMC processing with parallel control.

Andy Jackson, studio product manager of Solid State Logic, explained, “During the development of Fusion, we experimented and trailed many variants of the five analogue circuits. One variant of particular interest was an alternative mode for the HF Compressor section, making it operate across the full audio spectrum. As the design of the HF Compressor section was based on the legendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor circuit, it came as no surprise that this alternative mode sounded damn cool. Two years on, it’s finally time to reveal this special audio treat to our Fusion family, giving everyone a sixth “secret” color to get creative with.”

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The SSL Listen Mic Compressor, based on the SSL 4000 series consoles, was originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, but the LMC’s fixed attack and release curves were soon discovered to be suitable on drums, and equally interesting on guitars, vocals and many other instruments.