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SSL Launches UV EQ, SiX Channel 500 Series Modules

Solid State Logic has refreshed its line of 500 Series modules, and additionally introduced two new offerings—the UV EQ and SiX CH.

The newly updated and expanded Solid State Logic 500 Series line.
The newly updated and expanded Solid State Logic 500 Series line.

Oxford, UK (April 9, 2021)—Solid State Logic has refreshed the aesthetics across its line of 500 Series modules with a new, uniform brushed-steel look. Additionally, SSL has added features to its VHD+ module, and also introduced two new models—the stereo Ultraviolet Stereo Equalizer (UV-EQ) and SiX Channel (SiX CH).

Ultraviolet takes the minimum phase-shift Violet stereo EQ section from SSL’s Fusion analogue processor and puts it into the 500 series format. Building on Fusion’s Violet EQ, however, Ultraviolet takes features one step further, adding two dedicated mid-bands, with precision Focus mode for added EQ control. Ultraviolet is intended to aid users in selecting key frequencies and response curves to create a musical and intuitive EQ, helping dial in the sound of a mix, sub groups and individual instruments.

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SiX Channel is a single-width 500 Series channel strip using the SuperAnalogue processing features from SSL’s SiX console, including Mic-pre, low and high frequency EQ, as well as the single knob compressor. SiX Channel is a simple way to add additional Mic/Line inputs to the line level inputs of a professional audio device, including the Stereo channels of the SiX console. It is also a way to create a professional modular mixer from a ‘summing’ 500 Series rack unit.

Lastly, the VHD+ Pre now features front and rear inputs with four different impedance selections. Delivering an SSL SuperAnalogue recording path, the switchable patented Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) system uses a 100% analogue signal path to generate harmonic distortion.

The UltraViolet Stereo EQ (UV-EQ) 500 Series module runs at $1299 +Tax, while the SiX Channel (SiX CH) 500 Series module is available at $399.

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