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Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 Stage Box Debuts

The Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 Stage Box is intended for use in facilities such as theaters, gymnatoriums, houses of worship, courtrooms and more.

Seattle, WA (November 13, 2019)—The Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 stage box is a new offering from the pro-audio manufacturer, intended for professionals installing audio systems in stage environments.

Symetrix Unveils Composer 7.2

The xIO Stage 4×4 is an audio-over-IP solution that installs in any NEMA 8″x8″x4″ electrical enclosure. it provides four analog microphone/line inputs and four line-level outputs, converting the signals to and from Dante for transfer over standard Cat 5/6 cable from a stage or other source location to a Symetrix Radius NX, Prism or Edge DSP.

The xIO Stage 4×4 employs 24-bit, 48 kHz A/D/A converters; Neutrik XLR connectors; cable-management tie-points; and allows reconfiguration of input sources. The xIO Stage 4×4 is powered by a PoE injector or PoE network switch.

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Once signals are on the Dante network, they can be routed by a Symetrix DSP, without degradation, into multiple zones. Symetrix Composer software enables real-time setup and control from a Windows PC.

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