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Tascam Launches TM-200SG Shotgun, TM-250U Condenser Mics

Tascam's new TM-200SG Shotgun and TM-250U USB Condenser are multimedia mics aimed at content creators and the like.

Tascam's TM-200SG Shotgun and TM-250U USB Condenser microphones
Tascam’s TM-200SG Shotgun (top) and TM-250U USB Condenser microphones

Watford, UK (April 9, 2021)—Tascam has unveiled two new microphones—the TM-200SG and TM-250U—aimed at various types of content creators.

The new TM-200SG is intended for use by videographers for recording audio in the field. The compact, highly directional shotgun microphone offers a frequency response from 30 Hz to 20 kHz, and is basically intended for vlogging, video shooting andother applications where built-in mics aren’t an option.

The phantom-powered, supercardioid TM-200SG is lightweight and includes a switchable low-cut filter for reduction of environmental noise like wind and hum. It ships with a windscreen, shoe-mount clip, and protective softcase.

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Meanwhile, the Tascam TM-250U is a USB microphone with built-in headphones amplifier that is designed for podcasting, video conferencing and other online applications as well as vocal and music recording. Featuring a supercardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Tascam’s mic has a dedicated volume control to listen to the computer’s audio output (direct monitoring). A mic Gain knob and a Mute button are also available.

The TM-250U is USB class compliant, so it does not require a special driver, and is powered via the USB connection. It ships with a microphone holder, a USB C-to-A cable and a desktop stand.

The TM-200SG has an MSRP of $149.00 and the TM-250U runs $299.00.

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