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Tula Microphone Debuts for Podcasting, WFH Use

The Tula Microphone is a portable mic/recorder intended for podcasting, work-from-home use, music and other applications.

Tula Microphone
A Tula Microphone

Barcelona, Spain (January 14, 2021)—Audio startup Tula Microphones has unveiled its first product—the Tula Mic, a portable USB mic that doubles as a mobile recorder with embedded noise reduction technology. The heavily stylized microphone is intended for use by content creators and work-from-home professionals.

The Tula Mic includes dedicated cardioid and omnidirectional ECM capsules, Burr Brown op amps, a Texas Instruments audio codec and a 3.5mm headphone jack that doubles as an input for a lavalier microphone. Also, the microphone sports 8 GB of internal memory, and a rechargeable battery, enabling up to 14 hours of audio recording on the go. The Tula records in .wav file format. The mic connects to other devices such as computers via USB-C, and is also compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

While the mic is designed for portable use, that inevitably means it will be used often in less-than-ideal acoustic environments. With that mind, Tula teamed up with Swedish music software company Klevgrand to create an embedded version of that company’s noise reduction algorithm, Brusfri, which gives users the option to reduce background noise onsite while recording, reportedly without unwanted artifacts.

The Tula Microphone is meant for portable use.

The Tula Mic sports a retro-modern design developed by Red Dot Award-winning industrial designers in Barcelona, and math fans may note that Tula’s form factor features an exact Golden ratio. The Tula is available in three colors: classic black, vintage cream, and a vibrant red. The built-in base is detatchable and the mic includes a universal adaptor for use on mic stands and arms.

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“As a longtime musician and songwriter, I’ve spent countless hours in recording studios and have a great respect and appreciation for good audio.” shares Tula Founder and CEO David Brown, previously of the Soyuz Microphones brand. “I’ve long dreamt of designing a microphone that would bring high-quality sound to the masses. With the rapid growth of podcasting and YouTube channels and the more recent shift to remote working, it feels like the timing couldn’t be better for a product like the Tula Mic.”

The Tula Mic is available to order at $199 (US).

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