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United Studio Technologies UT FET47 Microphone Announced

The UT FET47 microphone will be the first product to be released by newly founded pro audio manufacturer United Studio Technologies.

Baton Rouge, LA (November 22, 2019) — The UT FET47 microphone will be the first product to be released by newly founded pro audio manufacturer United Studio Technologies, the company announced.

The UT FET47 microphone will be aimed at both professional and project-level recording, as well as the broadcast and voiceover market. Hand-built in the USA, the UT FET47 is reportedly the result of several years of R&D, testing and engineering.

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Featuring a large, custom-wound, ‘striped core’ (multi-alloy) output transformer designed by Cinemag to reproduce the exact harmonic signature of its original German counterpart, the UT FET47microphone itself incorporates a Heiserman HZ-series ‘K47’ German-style capsule — a joint effort between Heiserman and United Studio Technologies. This design features dual-milled backplates that are matched and then physically joined in an effort to ensure consistent performance between sides and capsules.

The capsule is made from precision-milled brass and skinned with gold-spluttered, six-micron NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) Japanese PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film that meets or exceeds the purity standards of laboratory-grade Mylar(TM). The high-quality microphone body is produced from nickel-plated brass milled from a solid brass billet, complete with a swivel-arm for mounting.

Crcuitry involved in the UT FET47 microphone is fully discrete, using NOS military-spec polystyrene capacitors and tested, original NOS Fairchild FETs (Field-Effect Transistors). No electrolytic capacitors are used in the microphone, and the mic sports an ‘all-dry’ topology.

United Studio Technologies president Chad Kelly posited the company’s main goal with the mic as, “We don’t just want to make a microphone that you’ll absolutely love, we want to make a microphone that you’ll still love 20 years from now and be glad you invested in. Everything we do at United Studio Technologies is engineering-driven; no less than five engineers — all experts in their field — have had some level of participation in developing this product. The result is a synergy that I think is palpable.”

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Distributed worldwide by RAD Distribution, the UT FET47 is expected to ship with an MSRP of $799.00 USD.

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