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Waveform Free DAW Debuts from Tracktion

Waveform Free is a newly released version of Tracktion’s professional DAW, offering unrestricted track count, unlimited plug-in use and numerous features.

Seattle, WA (March 27, 2020)—Tracktion has launched Waveform Free, a new version of its professional DAW that is free to all music creators.

Tracktion Unveils Waveform 9 DAW

The new DAW is released with no restrictions, offering unlimited track count, the ability to add as many plug-ins as the user wants, and a sizable feature set. The new DAW is suitable for all three major desktop operation systems; Windows, OSX and Linux as well as the Raspberry Pi.

It is compatible with current-day expressive instruments and also supports MPE. Waveform Free includes many of Tracktion’s recent offerings and features, such as the MIDI Pattern Generator to create synchronized melodies, chord progressions, bass lines and more, the 40SC Virtual Synthesizer and Micro Drum Sampler.

The DAW is supported with a dozens of tutorial videos as well numerous templates such as EDM production; band recording and mixing; location recording for churches, schools and others; and more.

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