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Waves Ships CLA Epic Plug-In

The new Waves CLA Epic plug-in brings together a suite of reverbs and delays to help create depth in a mix.

Waves CLA Epic Plug-In
Waves CLA Epic Plug-In

Knoxville, TN (November 30, 2020)— Waves Audio has shipped its new CLA Epic plug-in, designed with Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen). The plug-in brings together the engineer’s complete suite of reverbs and delays, intended to help create depth and dimension in a mix.

Waves CLA Epic is centered around four specific delays (Slap, Throw, Tape, Crowd) and four reverbs (Plate, Room, Hall, Space). The modules are each based on Lord-Alge’s favorite studio gear, which he uses in various combinations in his mixes, whether on vocals, drums or other instruments.

The plug-in plays into one of his favorite ways to achieve a depth of sound—by sending multiple delays to multiple reverbs on each track, so that the delays become part of the overall sonic landscape; he then controls the exact blend with his console faders. Waves CLA Epic lets users blend CLA’s reverbs and delays in the same manner, allowing them to activate any or all of the plug-in’s eight effect modules, and blend them using the plug-in’s console-type faders.

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CLA Epic always loads with Lord-Alge’s default settings for each effect, although users can go deeper and tweak all the familiar parameters to taste. There are additionally 50 presets created by the engineer, for use across vocals, drums, guitars and keyboards, and a further 300-plus presets by Grammy winners Greg Wells, Michael Brauer and other producers and engineers.

Owners of CLA Epic also receive the CLA EchoSphere slap delay & plate reverb plug-in as a complementary bonus. The plug-in is also included in Waves’ Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

Chris Lord-Alge comments, “CLA Epic gives you my way of mixing with depth. You can layer reverbs, you can layer delays, and you can mix them all together in one easy-to-use plug-in. You can break new ground and create new dimension in your music that you didn’t think was possible.”

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