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Yamaha Rivage PM5, PM3 to Get L-Acoustics L-ISA Control

Object-based immersive live audio mixing for L-Acoustics systems will available to Yamaha’s newest console worksurfaces.

The newly-introduced Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 will both be equipped with L-ISA DeskLink
The newly-introduced Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 and PM3 will both be equipped with L-ISA DeskLink

Marcoussis, France (June 3, 2020)—Yamaha’s recently launched Rivage PM5 and Rivage PM3 digital mixing systems will be able to natively control L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, as they’ll be equipped with a L-ISA DeskLink for onboard control.

Co-developed by the two manufacturers, the DeskLink will be a feature of the upcoming Rivage PM firmware V4, currently set to be released simultaneously alongside the new Yamaha consoles. The firmware will also work with existing Rivage PM10 and PM7 digital mixing systems, thus bringing updated features including the L-ISA DeskLink, to those desks as well.

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Within the Yamaha Rivage PM Series desks, for every mono or stereo input channel, direct control of L-ISA Objects or Groups will be available on the console control surface and touch screens. The five main L-ISA parameters—Pan, Width, Distance, Elevation and Aux send—will also be stored for each object in the console Scenes, with dedicated recall scope.

“More than three decades ago, Yamaha helped pioneer the digital mixer market, and has since remained one of the premier live console manufacturers,” says Sherif El Barbari, director of L-ISA Labs. “With the recent additions of the PM5 and PM3 to their Rivage range, Yamaha can now accommodate a much broader user base and allow them to each experience the future of live sound reinforcement in a very intuitive way, via L-ISA’s object-based mixing approach.”

“Yamaha is delighted to have been able to include L-ISA system control integration for the newly expanded Rivage PM family of consoles, through the recent launch of our new PM5 and PM3 console systems together with the V4.0 firmware release,” says Chris Angell, Yamaha R&D. “This opens the doors of our collaboration with L-Acoustics to an even wider range of customers and projects.”

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