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Yamaha Unveils MSP3A Studio Monitor

Updating the MSP3, Yamaha’s new studio monitor sports the company’s emerging Twisted Flare Port technology.

Yamaha MSP3A Studio Monitor
Yamaha MSP3A Studio Monitors

Buena Park, CA (January 13, 2021)—Yamaha has updated its MSP3 studio monitor with the introduction of the new MSP3A powered monitor speaker. Cosmetically, the new offering has a similar use of multiple input connectors, controls and compatibility with optional brackets, but Yamaha states the new monitor provides higher SPLs, lighter cabinet design and reportedly better audio quality—move intended to improve its appropriateness for users whose workflows include content from digital instruments and portable devices.

Yamaha MSP3A Studio Monitor
Yamaha MSP3A Studio Monitor

The MSP3A is the first Yamaha reference monitor to include the company’s Twisted Flare Port technology, intended to provide clearer and tighter low-end frequencies. The sound control technology applies aerodynamic sound analysis and flow visualization measurement to pinpoint and control noise-generating issues. Noise-generating air flow turbulence at both ends of the speaker port is reduced by changing how the port widens from input to output, adding a twist to it. According to Yamaha, suppressing turbulence reduces muddiness, lowering distortion in the low bass region, in turn aiding transition to the full range drivers.

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A built-in 22 W power amplifier is optimized for the speaker unit, comprising a 10 cm (4″) woofer and a 2.2 cm (0.8″) tweeter. The cabinet weighs just under 8 lb., improving portability and making it easier to reposition the unit in different room configurations.

“Clear and natural sound are the keys to creating immersive and memorable experiences when creating music or video content,” said Preston Gray, marketing director – Pro Audio at Yamaha. “The expanded capabilities of this new reference monitor give audio engineers the right tool for accurately matching audio with video in a range of production applications.”

With an MSRP of $250, the MSP3A is currently street-priced at $199 per monitor.

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