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Neyrinck Intros SoundCode for DTS Plug-In Suite for Pro Tools

Neyrinck has introduced its SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite for Digidesign Pro Tools systems.

San Francisco, CA (September 19, 2006)–Neyrinck has introduced its SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite for Digidesign Pro Tools systems. Tightly integrated with Pro Tools software, the SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite provides mastering-quality workflow tools that enable encoding and decoding of DTS Digital Surround, 96/24 and ES audio directly within Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.

The SoundCode for DTS plug-in suite is the newest addition to the Neyrinck SoundCode product family, which debuted in 2005 with the release of the SoundCode for Dolby Digital plug-in. The two plug-ins complement each other and provide surround encoding for any DVD delivery requirement. SoundCode for DTS is targeted for post-production professionals delivering high-quality audio for DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.

The SoundCode for DTS Encoder, which operates as an AudioSuite plug-in, offers a faster-than-real-time way to encode audio from a Pro Tools session–ready for use with DVD audio and video authoring applications. The time-saving Punch In/Out encoding feature allows users to punch in fixes to an existing DTS file. If the audio for a 2-hour program has already been encoded, but a single line of dialog needs to be replaced, SoundCode can encode just that line, without having to re-encode the entire 2-hour soundtrack. In addition to DTS 5.1 Digital Surround, DTS 6.1ES Discrete mode can be used to encode a rear center channel for increased surround localization and spatialization. DTS 96/24 mode can be used to encode 96 kHz, 24-bit audio up to 5.1 channels for applications requiring the highest fidelity possible.

The SoundCode for DTS Decoder functions as a real-time RTAS plug-in or a non-real-time AudioSuite plug-in. The real-time decoder features Sample-Accurate Direct File Decode to decode a DTS file in real-time synchronized to the Pro Tools timeline and video. Simply point SoundCode to the DTS file and press play for mastering-quality confidence monitoring. The decoder also features a legacy monitor so a user can hear how 96/24, 5.1 ES, and 6.1 ES streams will decode on a legacy 5.1, 48 kHz system. Using the AudioSuite decoder, users can decode all or a portion of an audio file faster than real time, or view the metadata of a DTS file.

SoundCode for DTS is compatible with Pro Tools LE and M-Powered systems so that low-cost encoding/decoding workstations can be configured in post-production and DVD authoring facilities. The fully functional encoder can encode a surround mix from a set of imported mono tracks. The decoder stereo can output a DTS bitstream over S/PDIF to an external home theater decoder for surround monitoring.