Legrand’s new Nuvo subs matched with digital amplifiers.

Eden Prairie, MN (July 30, 2019)—Legrand has introduced a new family of three different Nuvo 8-inch in-ceiling and in-wall passive subwoofers and matching wall- and rackmount digital amplifiers.

For smaller installations, the NV-SUBIC8 in-ceiling subwoofer features a round magnetic grill with an optional square grill available and an infinite baffle design. The NV-SUBIW8 and NV-SUBIWDUAL8 in-wall single and dual subwoofers are designed for medium and large projects, respectively. Both units feature a sealed cabinet constructed of MDF. The NV-SUBIW8 offers a square magnetic grill, while the NV-SUBIWDUAL8’s grill is rectangular.

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Up to two NV-SUBIC8, NV-SUBIW8, and NV-SUBIWDUAL8 subwoofers can be deployed with their matching amplifiers: the 100W NV-SUBAMP100-xx, 200W NV-SUBAMP200-xx, and 500W NV-SUBAMP500-xx, respectively. All three units feature signal-sensing power activation, unfiltered LFE/RCA stereo inputs for connecting to most modern receivers, and variable crossover and phase control to match subwoofer output with the main speakers. A three-position EQ switch allows amplifier output to be tailored to any Nuvo in-ceiling or in-wall passive subwoofer.

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The wall-mount NV-SUBAMP100-xx amplifier offers a two-conductor connector to power an optional wireless receiver. The rack-mount NV-SUBAMP200-xx and NV-SUBAMP500-xx feature 12V DC trigger inputs and outputs, allowing them to control or be controlled by external devices. The NV-SUBAMP500-xx adds digital signal processing (DSP) for a variety of listening modes. An IR input allows for simple use with control systems.

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