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One Systems 118|M-SUB

The 118IM-Sub is a light-weight copolymer based all-weather loudspeaker system with a medium-density polyethylene enclosure, optimized for high UV exposure and long life in harsh environments. The 118IM-Sub may be used in direct weather outdoor installations, as well as indoor applications where extended low frequency response is required. The 118IM-Sub offers a compact design featuring a patented One Systems 18I/O 18-inch extended bass transducer. The 118IM-Sub is available in black or white and offers a complete selection of array and flying/suspension hardware.

The 118IM-Sub’s grille is a 3-layer “rain shield” design to minimize direct rain contact with the system’s transducers. Its unique vent design also allows for easy moisture drainage from the interior of the enclosure. The enclosure and grille design are rated to IEC 529 IP45 (solid object penetration to 0.04 inches and water jets from any direction). The enclosures and components are also rated to Mil Spec 810.

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