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Palmer Bows Acoustic Pocket Amp

The unit is intended to hit a middle ground between a preamp and an effect pedal.

New York, NY (March 15, 2018)—Aiming to hit a middle ground between a preamp and an effect pedal for acoustic instruments, Palmer has released its Acoustic Pocket Amp.

Intended for use in both recording and live situations, the unit offers three instrument modes—acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, magnetic pickups—and three selectable basic sounds, flat, modern, vintage.

In This Studio, It’s Newton’s Law

A 3-band EQ with separate notch filter aids adjustment of amplified acoustic signals to suit specific requirements. Direct and preamp signals can be mixed as required with an integrated blend control.

It accommodates both piezo and magnetic pickups, sports an input limiter to prevent transient distortion, and a 5-position rotary notch filter can be used to prevent resonant frequency feedback. A mode switch selects between crisp contemporary or warm vintage sound characteristics.

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The Acoustic Pocket Amp includes an insert for external effects, 3.5 mm stereo line input, headphones output and a footswitch-assignable thru jack to connect a tuner. Enabling DI applications, the balanced XLR output is pre or post signal processing switchable.

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