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Palmer Launches Monicon XL Studio Monitor Controller

Palmer’s new studio Monicon XL monitor controller is currently shipping.

New York, NY (November 12, 2019)—The Adam Hall Group has unveiled its new Palmer Monicon XL studio monitor controller.

As the flagship of the Monicon series, the new controller is one of the first Palmer products to take on the revamped appearance of the brand. It is designed for used in both professional studio environments and home studios.

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The controller features a correlation meter that displays the phase difference between the left and right stereo channels to reveal mono compatibility errors in a mix. Due to an entirely analog audio circuit, there is no latency when monitoring, as the coaxial S/PDIF signals are converted directly in the input.

The mono-summed output is frequency-neutral and is not only suitable for connecting to a subwoofer, but also to a separate mono speaker in order to verify the mix in mono, both acoustically and visually with the correlation meter.

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“The uniquely shaped Monicon facilitates a fast and intuitive workflow,” said Robin Henlich, senior product manager, pro audio, Adam Hall Group. “The division of the Monicon XL’s userface into two levels as well as the configurability lets users adapt it to their own workflow.”

The Monicon XL is available for $399 USD.

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