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PAR In Progress (upcoming review excerpts): ADAM A8X Powered Studio Monitor

As for the A8X’s high-end accuracy, it is literally off of the charts due to the X-ART tweeter and driver components design. It is so unlike anything else in the market I’ve heard before that I honestly don’t think I have anything to compare it to (other than saying it’s the aural equivalent of cold fusion, faster-than-light space travel, or even the myth of perpetual motion). Yet in all seriousness, ADAM’s ribbon tweeter technology is truly groundbreaking innovation that continues to evolve and improve the tools we audio engineers have to work with. 

Pack all of the power described above into a speaker box that streets for $999 (each), and we have a winner all the way around in a world where similarly performing monitors have much bigger price tags. Living with this A8X pair, I truly felt that I was hearing back exactly what was recorded and/or mixed — not an interpretation or the colored characteristics of the monitor itself. That is how transparent and flat I found these speakers.

– Excerpt from Pro Audio Review’s A8X real-world evaluation by Sterling Winfield — Producer/Engineer/Mixer & Pro Audio Review Contributor. See PAR‘s upcoming August 2011 issue for the full review.