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PAR In Progress (upcoming review excerpts): Mackie ProFX22 Analog Mixer

The Mackie ProFX22 — a 22-channel/4-bus analog live mixer with lots of features — is one of those products that musicians congratulate you on after the gig … and especially after they hear what it costs ($649 street). During my time with it, the most descriptive quote I’ve heard from a band member surely must be “man — that is all you need!” 

Anywhere between aspirational self-mixing bands to smart, old school live sound dudes would be happy with this mixer, as it eliminates carrying around a lot of things you’d rather not: outboard comps and reverb hardware, for starters. Then you have its USB capabilities: DAW returns on channels 21/22 and subgroup 1/2 or main L/R recording features: good, straightforward stereo DAW I/O in a totally for-live, amazingly compact mixer. Its four channel “one knob” compressors work well and simply, and its simple array of 16 digital effects (reverbs, choruses and delays) are most likely enough for your gigging needs. 

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-Excerpt from Pro Audio Review’s upcoming ProFX22 real-world evaluation by Strother Bullins, Editor