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PAR In Progress (upcoming review excerpts): Pelonis Signature Series Model 42 Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

The Model 42s are honest monitors providing clarity, detail and balance. The imaging is stellar and I experienced no listener fatigue in long listening sessions. The monitors perform well across a satisfyingly broad range of volume levels. I’d asked Pelonis about the crossover because it’s inaudible; so often crossovers interfere with clarity in the critical vocal frequencies, and that’s an area where the Model 42s shine.

The Model 42s run rings around much of the competition and stand well above most comparably spec’d systems, perhaps above all similarly priced competitors. Many small systems are compromised when housing an internal power amplifier, the amplifiers reined in by available space. The outboard amp insures that the acoustic cabinet is not compromised and allows space for the DSP and amplifier capacity that insures ample headroom. While I missed the deep bottom end provided by the sub on cuts with low end I know well, I mostly found the monitor system a substantial performer providing a gratifying experience on its own—the LF drivers move a lot of air belying their size.

Hearing is believing and you need to hear the Model 42s. In a word: Sweet!

Price: $999 (per speaker, including amplification, processing and speaker wire)

Contact: Pelonis Sound & Acoustics |

-Excerpt from Pro Audio Review’s upcoming Model 42 real-world evaluation by Frank Wells, Editorial Director