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PAR In Progress (Upcoming Review Excerpts): Sonodyne SM 100Ak Active Nearfield Monitors

Sonodyne — a relatively new name on the tongues of US-based engineers, producers and other pro audio types — is not a new manufacturer. Based in Kolkata (Calcutta), capital city of West Bengal in India, Sonodyne has been making hi-fi stereo amplifiers and speakers since the 1970s. And only judging Sonodyne by their SM 100Ak two-way active monitor — finally made available in the US via pro audio distributor TransAudio Group — they can obviously design and build high performance, high quality and impressively accurate studio monitors at a price point that will raise eye brows and heart rates of both consumers and competitors. 

The SM 100Ak features a 6.5-inch Kevlar cone woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter; 120W of total power (80W for LF, 40W for HF); built-in EQ adjustments; and front panel volume control and twin ports in its beefy 23-lb., die-cast aluminum cabinet. 

Upon listening to a pair of SM 100Ak monitors for two months in tracking, mixing, reference and recreational listening applications, I found their accuracy in translating stereo image incredibly impressive — so much that it’s hard to believe the price point per speaker (just a bit over $600 street). They also sound super, are not fatiguing in the least, and are frequency-flat enough to allow for translatable mixes. 

Is Sonodyne destined to be a revered studio monitor brand in America? We shall see. But the product itself is ready: the SM 100Ak’s build suggests tight quality control and the experience of four decades of continuous manufacturing. Thus I find these nearfields sitting before me unquestionably pro-grade, able to hold their own performance-wise against legacy brands’ monitors twice the price while, out of the gate, already leading its own category when directly compared to similarly priced boxes. 

Stay tuned to the pages of PAR for our upcoming full review of the Sonodyne SM 100Ak. 

Price: $700 list, each

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