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PAR Studio Review: Latch Lake Music iOxboom Phone/Tablet Mount by Lynn Fuston

One of the most innovative products I saw at Summer NAMM 2014 was the iOxmount and iOxboom combination from Latch Lake in partnership with iOmounts.

One of the most innovative products I saw at Summer NAMM 2014 was the iOxmount and iOxboom combination from Latch Lake in partnership with iOmounts. Touted as a universal tablet and smartphone stand, “a flexible and secure way to magnetically attach your phone or tablet to a microphone stand,” I was intrigued by its ingeniously simple mounting mechanism, comprised of a stainless steel ball (iOball), strong neodymium magnet (iOcore) and steel stickers (iOadapts x2) that attach to your device via double-sided sticker (supplied). Since the iOadapt is NOT coming off (at least not easily) once it is in place, attaching it to a rigid case is strongly recommended. The iOxboom includes all the above and an 18” Xtra Boom, which clamps onto most any microphone or lighting stand or pipe with a diameter of 5/8-inch to 1 3/16-inch. The combination of the steel ball and adjoining magnet means that this ball-and-socket device can rotate and swivel through an arc nearly 360˚ in any plane, minus the actual restrictions of the 9/16th-inch diameter of the mic stand.

So what uses did I find for the iOxboom? Lots. I frequently use my tablet for internet/social media/music access, where I like to have it close at hand but I don’t want it lying on the surface, like when I’m at a desk or a recording console. With the iOxboom, I positioned the iPad so that it just hovers above the desk surface but doesn’t restrict access to what’s below (faders, charts, etc.) I used it as an iPad camera stand while doing time-lapse photos in my garden. I even used it as I read a recipe in the kitchen to suspend the iPad over the counter, keeping it close but away from potential spills. For displaying musician’s charts or as remote control for a DAW or to hold the tablet close at hand when one returns to a tablet-enabled console, it works anywhere one needs a tablet close but without holding it or setting it down. The biggest advantage, other than complete rotational flexibility, is the ease with which it can be attached/detached. Just grab and go. Or slap and stay. The other advantage if a tablet will be visible in a photo or video shoot? It’s completely invisible from the front, clean-looking in video parlance, with no clamps protruding around the side of the tablet.

The two questions I hear most about it are 1) Is it really stable and 2) Will a magnet that strong hurt an electronic phone/tablet? Well I have an iPad 4, currently the largest they make, and I have been unable to accidentally dislodge it from its perch even as moving the mic stand around. Caution is always advised however. As far as this incredibly strong [Do not swallow!/Keep away from kids!] magnet goes, “Any smartphone, tablet, e-reader or other approved device with a solid-state drive or flash memory will not be damaged by the magnet,” according to the supplied documentation. However older iPods or devices with conventional hard drives may be damaged or destroyed, so don’t plan on mounting your hard drive cases or computer with one of these. Again, caution is advised.

I have found all manner of uses for the iOxboom/iOmount combo and use it in a variety of applications every single day. It’s a great tool to have around in these increasingly tablet/phone-centric days.
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iOxboom Smart Device mount with boom: $115
iOxmount: $60
Xtra boom: $75