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PAR-Tube Sneak Peek: Focal Trio 6 Be

Tavaglione and Long experience the new Focal Trio 6 Be at Studio at the Palms.

Here’s a quick sneak-peek of the new Trio 6 Be monitor from Focal days before their official unveiling at Musikmesse 2015 in Frankfurt. You can actually tell these monitors sound nicely balanced, even from this iPhone video, shot at Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas. 

I can only share my first impressions, as I haven’t spent nearly enough time with them for a proper review. I was asked by a YouTube viewer how the Trio 6 Be compares to Focal’s SM9. I would say that it sounds more like the SM9 than it does differently. The Trio 6 Be shares the same tweeter as the SM9 and has Focal’s trademark clarity, detail and precision in the highs. Both the SM9 and Trio 6 Be share Focal’s unique “bandwidth limited 2-way mode” as well. To be sure, there are differences but I’ll leave that detailed discussion to my “PAR in PSN” colleague Russ Long who will be reviewing the Trio 6 Be for Pro Sound News very soon.