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Peavey AmpKit Version 1.2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

According to Peavey, “major tone advancements” in the new V.1.2 of AmpKit abound. Version 1.2 of AmpKit — the guitar amps, effects and recording app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch developed by Agile Partners — features next-generation tone advancements such as dual-stage amp simulation, convolution-based cabinet simulation, adaptive input compensation, a significantly upgraded noise gate, and solo and mix output shaping that deliver by far the best-sounding, most realistic guitar tone on the iOS platform.

Adaptive Input Compensation technology, one of the new features in AmpKit 1.2, provides a huge advantage for AmpKit LiNK users. This advanced technology automatically identifies frequency variations among the headset interfaces of iOS devices, and compensates for the differences by adding slightly attenuated bass frequencies to the output. The results are an amazing increase in the fidelity of the incoming guitar signal and much richer amplified guitar tone regardless of the chosen virtual amp or playing style.

With its new dual-stage amp simulations, AmpKit 1.2 also doubles the simulation fidelity of all Peavey amps in AmpKit when running on newer iOS devices, including iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2, and the fourth-generation iPod touch. The combination of dual-stage amp simulation and convolution-based cabinet simulation in AmpKit 1.2 delivers an unparalleled level of realism.

AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity guitar interface, can be used to connect an electric guitar or bass directly into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Together, AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK provide guitar and bass players with a powerful and convenient way to jam with high-quality tones, anytime and anywhere.

Price: Free and $19.99 (AmpKit free app and AmpKit+, respectively)

Contact: Agile Partners |