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Pelonis Signature Series Model 42 Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

The Pelonis Signature Model 42 studio monitor loudspeakers have a distinctive “function- defining-form” appearance.

The Pelonis Signature Model 42 studio monitor loudspeakers have a distinctive “function- defining-form” appearance. The sloped rhomboid shape (patent pending) is smaller than most two-way systems with similar frequency-response specifications, made possible by the use of concentric drivers.

Using concentric drivers also means that the cabinet can be rotated with top, bottom and sides being interchangeable designations without affecting imaging—the face and rear of the cabinet are sloped allowing the monitors to be placed in one of three positions: face sloped down, for positioning such as where a meter bridge or high speaker stands are above the engineers nominal head position; face sloped up, for positioning on a desktop surface below the engineer’s head; face vertical, for positioning even with the engineer’s head.

The system includes an external, 1RU amplifier and processor. The rear-panel Neutrik combo jacks feed an A/D converter, DSP processing and Class-D amplification. The speakers are bi-wired; the amplifier is 4-channel, with 100 watts available for each component of a stereo pair. The custom DSP comes fixed, tweaked for a remarkably flat frequency response, though a 5-band, parametric EQ can be accessed via USB.

The speaker components are from coaxial speaker experts, Tannoy. The LF driver is a 4-inch cone; the HF driver is a ¾-inch titanium dome design, using neodymium magnets. The rated frequency response is 75 Hz to 35 kHz (+/- 3 dB). Visit the Pelonis Sound website for impressive anechoic plots of the frequency and phase performance.

My first substantial exposure to the Model 42s was in a demo where I spent an illuminating hour listening to the system and discussing the design concepts with Chris Pelonis and David Bryce (of distributor, Wave Distribution). I’ve had the core system (sans sub) on my desk for some time now reinforcing my first impressions.

The Model 42s are honest monitors providing clarity, detail and balance. The imaging is stellar, and I experienced no listener fatigue in long listening sessions. Clarity in the critical vocal frequencies is an area where the Model 42s shine.

The Model 42s run rings around much of the competition and stand well above most comparably spec’d systems, perhaps above all similarly priced competitors ($999 including amp and processing). While I missed the deep bottom end provided by the sub on cuts with low end I know well, I mostly found the monitor system a substantial performer providing a gratifying experience on its own.

Hearing is believing, and you need to hear the 42s. In a word: Sweet!

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