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Phonic Summit Studio amp Live Digital Mixer

Phonic has introduced its Summit eight-buss digital mixer.

Phonic has introduced its Summit eight-buss digital mixer, which offers 16 microphone and line input channels, all of which can be routed to any of the eight internal aux mixes, eight subgroup mixes, control room mix, effect processor or main stereo mix. AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs are also included, routed to and from the main mix. A series of XLR and 1/4-inch outputs send the main, control room, headphone, AUX and group mixes out to external devices. All of this is accomplished through a 40-bit floating-point digital signal processor, its color LCD touch screen, and motorized faders. Within this small mix system, a total of 77 signal processors are included, with delay, EQ, and dynamics on all input and output channels.
Price: $1,899 list
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US Distributor: US Music Corp | 800-877-6863 |