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Pinta Acoustic’s SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall System

Pinta Acoustic, Inc. — the original manufacturer of SONEX acoustic panels for the broadcast and recording industries — has introduced its new, affordably priced SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall System. The SONEX AFS acoustic plaster finishing system provides “a seamless, monolithic look to walls and ceilings,” offers the company. SONEX AFS provides sound absorption with a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and consists of a thin fiberglass mesh laminated to Class 1 fire-rated willtecopen-cell melamine-based foam panels offered in various thicknesses. SONEX AFS panels are directly applied to solid substrates and glued with trowelable acouSTIC water-based adhesive with optional mechanical fasteners. Joints between the panels are taped and finished. Then, two coats of PHONSTOPPA85 acoustic plaster are trowel-applied to create a smooth, white and porous finish surface that has a slight texture from integral mineral aggregates. Custom color, nonbridging acoustical coatingdesigned for this type of applicationcan also be applied to the dry finish by certified applicators.
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