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PK Sound Releases Trinity 10 Line Array

Software and remote configuration controls bought to mid-size system

Calgary, Canada (October 24, 2018)—PK Sound has released Trinity 10, a mid-size line array that follows in the footsteps of the full-sized Trinity Advance Robotic Line Array.

The Trinity 10 uses the same high and mid frequency components and waveguide design as the original Trinity line array to ensure integration when both models are used together. The Trinity systems’ calling card remains its remote configuration, which is said to provide control over the vertical and horizontal polar directivity of the entire array.

Each Trinity 10 module features a Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) to combine mid high range frequencies, as well as precisely spaced low frequency apertures to aid directivity. The CMI waveguide is variably adjustable from 50 to 120 degrees, both symmetrically and asymmetrically, which is how it focuses the sound field.

Trinity 10 sports dual bandpass loaded, 10-inch transducers and two 6.5-inch midrange transducers coupled to a CMI waveguide through phase plugs. The module also features a dual driver high frequency compression device coupled directly to an integrated planar waveguide.

PK Sound’s Kontrol software lets users access the internal functions of each module remotely so that each array can be flown straight and adjusted in the air. PK Sound’s Kontrol Auto-Array feature communicates with each module and automatically arranges modules into the proper position in each array, so manual arrangement is not needed.

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Auto-Align, a remotely adjustable rigging system that can vary from 0-12 degrees in 0.1-degree increments, is also used on the system. Trinity 10 is powered by a 3000 W Class D amplifier.

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