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Pliant Introduces MicroCom

Wireless headset solution set to debut at InfoComm.

Orlando, FL (May 22, 2019)—Pliant Technologies will release its latest wireless intercom system, MicroCom, at InfoComm 2019.

Intended to be a simple and affordable wireless intercom solution, MicroCom works at 900 MHz (where legal), providing a single channel, full-duplex, multi-user intercom.

Innovations: Pliant CrewCom Wireless Intercom System

Aimed for houses of worship, videographers, corporate events, schools and other other applications, the system features small, water-resistant lightweight beltpacks and reportedly provides excellent sound quality and long-life battery operation.

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Pliant’s SmartBoom series of headsets has been expanded to include versions for use with MicroCom beltpacks

“We are incredibly excited to add MicroCom to our product offering,” says Peter Amos, President of Pliant Technologies. “The system has already generated a great deal of interest in the market for this type of wireless intercom. We can now provide solutions for even the smallest wireless intercom requirements and serve the needs of customers that have been looking for a product with the quality, features, and price of MicroCom.”

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